Bio: I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. As a young adult, I joined the Canadian Armed Forces and was stationed in Shilo, Manitoba, where I served six years. I met and married a soldier who was born on the island of Newfoundland. We raised four children, who are now grown. After working in various cities across Canada, he and I retired to his hometown, a fishing village in northern Newfoundland. Although no one fishes commercially anymore, there is still a strong cultural tie to the sea. Moving from life in the city to life in an outport community was a culture shock, so that is the main gist of my writing. I enjoy reading, spending time messing around in the kitchen, taking pictures and videos (this is a lovely, scenic province), and when necessary, I write freelance: mainly feature stories. You can find some of my more recent columns by keying my name into Google and adding 'Northern Pen' to the search. I've also written Oral History stories for St. Anthony Basin Resources Inc., which can be viewed at http://www.sabrinl.com, Oral History.

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